I think that there is a very important place in this world for provocateurs, who seek to test every boundary and offend every sensibility. This is actually a very critical function in a healthy society. You may think that testing limits is simply about «being difficult» or trying to get attention in some simplistic way, but I don’t agree. Testing limits is how we decide whether those limits are legitimate. Their legitimacy for a particular society may change over time, so they need to be tested frequently. Testing limits is how we discover whether what we *think* are the limits are really the ones in force. Sometimes we find that the actual rules in play are very different from those that are proclaimed, and this is important information that can largely be determined only by testing the limits.

Think of it. This is how the law functions as well. We don’t really know what a law means until it is tested. Laws are very often written badly, or are as written detrimental to society in whole or in part, but until we have actual cases to test them, we don’t know whether they really work. A good society of law needs to know whether its laws actually work.

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