about Obama.

Obama's Chicago Boys

By Naomi Klein

Barack Obama waited just three days after Hillary Clinton pulled out of the race to declare, on CNBC, "Look. I am a pro-growth, free-market guy. I love the market."

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  1. avatar a_chromosome says:

    Кажется, что Обама скатывается к обычному политиканству. Люди говорят, – без этого ему не выиграть выборов… да, но… люди как я потому и голосовали за него, что он не был “обычным политиканом”…. и что нам тепрь с ним делать? не голосовать же за МакКейна!

    Наверно опять придется голосовать за какого-нубудь “зеленого” Надера, он по крайней мере не “флип-флопит”.

    1. avatar shtarker says:

      isn’t because of some stupid fuckheads who voted for Nader we had Bush as a president for 8 years

      1. avatar a_chromosome says:

        No, it is because Al was faking all the way to Florida pretending to be “an average joe” and because democrats slaughtered Howard in favor of the ketchup gigolo.

        Republicans deserve at least respect for being straight… I hope moveon.org will bust Obama’s ass, he is dumping us who supported him on early stages, starting from giving up mr. Wright (who was right in 99% of cases), Obama has been swinging all the way to the right and his position now almost indistinguishable from McCain at the moment.

        I have lots of black friends and they say, – whites on the South are better then Yankees because southerns are honest, – they do not like blacks and they do not hide that.

      2. avatar shtarker says:


        the day we’ll get christian ayatollah in white house nobody will care about your honesty dude

      3. avatar a_chromosome says:


        nobody does even today.

        i see no difference between “christian ayatollah” and those who rule now do you?
        but you are right, Barak seems to be a way hypocritical now.

      4. avatar shtarker says:

        This is exactly what you guys were saying 8 years ago – “there is no big difference between Bush and Gore, they are both fucking hypocrites, so lets make an honest choice and vote for Nader”. And now we have a second Vietnam. No fucking difference at all. May it’s just because somebody was too far away from reality?

      5. avatar a_chromosome says:

        Well, you have probably forgotten Kosovo, Somalia & Liberia bombings, “no fly zone” over all Iraq etc while Clinton administration. Also, China is such a big threat right now only because Clinton’s shady affers.

        World is not black’n’white (dems/reps), do not you see that?
        Besides Nader, there are libertarians and people like Ron Paul, Denis Kusinich and others.
        BTW ruasian-speaking american community favorite Liberman also now so called “in-between”.

      6. avatar shtarker says:

        Oh c’mon. It’s not a secret that Clinton and his buddies were always fans of humanitarian wars. But they never lost a war.

        I don’t like democrats. But Gore would never start war in Iraq. And he would never fuck up our economy like that. Again, that’s the difference and indeed world is not b&w. Some guys were left enough to let people like Bush rule the country for eight long years. I believe that everybody who voted for Nader that day actually voted for Bush.

        Unfortunately there are only two choices in this country – bad and very bad. Which one do you choose?

      7. avatar a_chromosome says:

        Well, you are right, it is very frustrating though…

        BTW, betrayers are getting to the most harsh ring of Hell according to Dante, and it seems to me Obama is one of them. So, having said this, I will buy couple of machine guns and set up my own country on my 2 acres of land in Massachusetts, – “everybody against everybody”.

  2. avatar savelich says:

    Was it a surprise for you?

  3. avatar ext_49702 says:

    Это ж с самого начала было очевидно. Naomi Klein Америку не открыла.

    Кстати, вот обещанное:


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