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Ivor Stodolsky уточняет, что он имел в виду под "диссидентами".

 Precisely in the context of attempts to generate a Cold War II by some, I was proposing the potential for re-making this Cold-war term "dissident" so that it does not represent geographical divisions into the "good West" and "evil East". That is why both Snowden and Pussy Riot are, in my mind, dissidents.

Today we have a massively interconnected global economic and political elite. They only benefit from supposedly "civilizational" conflicts. They usually continue to make trade and corporate deals -- e.g. on the exploitation of arctic oil, or the closing of the free internet -- regardless of smaller geopolitical skirmishes. And regardless of the interests of the majority of the world's population.

Naturally one cannot include anyone who is against any system - from Sakharov to Bin Laden - under the category of "dissident". Rather, I would say that all "dissidents", including Snowden, Pussy Riot, Assange, Chomsky and others are against the very same, global system.

The criteria for who qualifies as a dissident is another question. Of course, there are plenty of critical minds and many more sympathetic to them. But perhaps one would have to count the willingness to engage in acts of civil disobedience, that is, the potential for being thrown in jail, that makes a good indicator. That is why Manning is a dissident, although he was not previously known as a great intellectual, for example.

Самое главное в подходе, предложенном Ивором и Мариттой, это осознание того, что нет никакого "Конфликта цивилизаций".

В раздувании "конфликта" заинтересованы только прочно связанные между собой международные элиты.

Элиты будут заключать между собой сделки, эксплуатировать и зарабатывать деньги при любых обстоятельствах.

Новые диссиденты - это не приверженцы одной или другой системы, это люди выступающие против системы в целом.

Понимающие, что это одна и та же система.

Критерий, который предлагает Ивар для "оценки диссиденства" - уровень риска в акте гражданского неповиновения того или иного человека.

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