Unification of Germany

Gorbachev withdrew Soviet troops from East Germany in the expectation of ending the Cold War and merging the two worlds, capitalist and socialist, into something he apparently envisioned as a “Nordic model” or “socialism with a human face.”
What followed, however, was not German unification, but the Anschluss: West Germany colonized East Germany, with all the ensuing consequences.
Few people actually understand that. Even educated Germans Those who identify themselves as radical leftists say that West Germany “dragged the shattered economy of East Germany” or that “East Germany was full of Nazis”, and liberal Germans generally regard East Germans as a damaged version of West Germans: undereducated, underfed, dirty.
For the next two years it makes sense to write and think about what the official media will call #germanreunification . This moment was a turning point in history for our country and for the world.