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Ноэл описал как он видит ситуацию вокруг ЖЖ-НПЖ
OK, not really. For this community, it isn't necessary to kill LiveJournal. Just let it die a slow death on its own. Or give it over to the American teen angst crowd that is really its target market in any case.

But I hear that there are some bumps in the road as the Russian intelligentsia migrates from LiveJournal to NPJ. Bumps are to be expected. But let's not get discouraged. It's worth it to forge ahead into new, uncharted technological wilderness, to build something that will be really and truly your own.

If there are some gaps in what NPJ provides, I believe the community should simply take ownership of the problem, and fill in those gaps.

I am very willing to contribute here. I am ready to assist in helping NPJ transition into the open source world, and in bringing it to the place where it is used and contributed to by people from all over the globe. But I really think that it is always going to remain a "Russian" project at heart, in the sense that the original motivations for making it what it is (or will shortly become) have originated in this very vibrant community.

Carrying on, then, as the locquacious idiot I've been outed as, I'd like to offer some brief thoughts on what NPJ ought to make possible:

1. Distributed, "censor-proof" blogging. A la FreeNet or Tangler, all journals hosted by the NPJ system should be replicated and distributed automatically across multiple servers, so no one can be targeted as the "responsible host" for particular content, and no one's content can be summarily deleted by anyone except the author.

2. Borderlessness. It shouldn't matter which server you connect to to write your entries. All servers should cooperate as part of the same network. The NPJ node addressing scheme should function across different servers without acknowledging the different hosts at all. NPJ nodes should not be islands.

3. Easy migration. The Unenlightened, who are still lingering in LiveJournalLand, or who come first to LJ because it has better publicity, should find a very easy path to NPJ. An entire LJ blog should be importable to NPJ with a single click of a button. NPJ should also provide services to "mirror" journal content to one's LJ blog, for a limited period of time, automatically including a link to the NPJ node and encouraging readers to migrate as well.

4. Identity protection. NPJ should implement some scheme to allow LiveJournal users to obtain the same usernames in NPJ as they used in LiveJournal. A simple scheme might be: When someone registers a name, send a message via LJ to that username on LJ (if it exists). Ask the recipient to verify that they are the person in question. Of course, this won't work with people who've been deleted. But coming up with a solution would seem to be important here.

These notes cover the issues that I'm most aware of, at the moment, as needing to be addressed, both to meet the immediate needs of the migrating community, and to look forward to the feature. Of course, a comprehensive discussion of the development roadmap for NPJ belongs elsewhere, and already exists in some form, but the concerns above are targeted specifically at the Russian Exodus.

Hope this is useful, and not too locquacious.

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