21:59 16.09.2005


Мэттью Барни «Drawing Restraint 9" (200 5) .

А где такое в Нью Йорке показывают?

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  1. avatar glor says:

    Matthew Barney: Drawing Restraint [ F / I / M / PH / S ]
    Friday, June 23, 2006 – Tuesday, September 19, 2006
    This series of works by conceptual artist Matthew Barney is centered on the conflicted relationship between human beings and their cultural environment, as well as the struggles of energies within the human body. The comprehensive exhibition includes sculptures, drawings, photographs, video installations, and documents from Drawing Restraint 1–8. The Drawing Restraint series, created between 1988 and 1993, is based on a number of obstacles Barney devised to impede the act of artmaking, specifically drawing. His self-imposed modes of resistance included bouncing on a trampoline, climbing ramps while attached to tethers, and pushing blocking sleds—all while attempting to draw. The series proposes that the strength of a work of art is determined by the hardship overcome in creating it, that the building of a form on paper correlates directly to the building of a muscle. Barney’s new installment Drawing Restraint 9 also on view, continues the investigation of restraint and challenge, this time in the context of Japanese ritual and tradition. SFMOMA is the only U.S. venue for this exhibition.


    1. avatar iz_vekov says:

      не, одно дело – выставка (которая будет в японии, корее и сан-франциско), а другое дело – показ (screening), которые уже были в исландии, в венеции и пр.

      так что, может, в н-й и будет показ.

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